First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

First blog post

“Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel… City of Night? ”

― Jim Morisson


To new beginnings!

Hello world!

Few days ago I turned twenty-four, tad away from celebrating my quadranscentennial. “Quadranscentennial”, sounds scary for a twenty-five, will stick to the term silver jubilee! twenty three has been great, just like ginger lemon tea and samosa with some tamarind chutney. I decided to move to a new city. This city is one of the most progressive places in the country and this is where the world comes to work. Yes, I moved to Namma Bengaluru. That’s it! For more description on this city, help yourself to the Wikipedia.

I was totally lost and completely confused with the place, thought I would be a road-kill because of the speed of the vehicles and the monotony of the traffic jams. Bengaluru was ruthless on me initially, I was learning to walk. The beauty with which this city embraced me is just bonkers! She is just like my mother, “sugar, spice and everything nice” but with traffic jams and under construction roads.

There was something which made me fall in love with this city, I can tell you one thing, I crave to come back to this place every single time from my home town, every single time it’s been new and I return because it’s just not the city, it’s the people and a very beautiful emotion that holds me back here. Unabashedly, I’m a lucky little lady in a city of light who is enthralled and happily hand-cuffed with the charm of Bengaluru.

Have many more experiences and love to share. Many more people to be introduced…

Stay put to read more of my rants and shenanigans!

With love,




Author: Ira

Sweet child O'mine... I'm just like that Guns N' Roses song.

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