Elevators and Food trucks!


As clichéd as it sounds, the way to both a man’s and a woman’s heart is through that bingy. In a lonesome yet lively city like bengaluru there is no need for one to keep strolling the streets for food..it’s good food almost everywhere.

So, this new girl in the city started her quest for food months back. There were a few “never eating from here ever incidents“, but yeah, she never gave up honey! Rented myself a cozy place and started the Bot business of going to work every single day.

You know those jitters when you don’t know whom to trust at workplace. I’ve learnt my lessons on them pretty soon. But I’ve also learnt that when something bad happens there is always a greater good standing by the elevator or somewhere near a food truck. My greater good was waiting for me near a food truck. That’s where it just happened. What happened was magical and mind-boggling.

To be continued……..

With love,



Goli soda and Retail therapy!

I love goli soda

Goli soda

“Summer has never been this worse in Bangalore”  is what I hear everywhere, in metros, autos, BMTC and the cabs. Today I happen to have a very close friend of mine visit me from Mumbai. From what I hear, She’s told bangalore summers are cooler comparatively. Hello world! Today I am introducing you to sapna. Sapna, the girl from Bombay. She is a dream girl staying in a city which breaks your dream every day but gives you the hope to dream a thousand more. She is naive, bold and strong, she isn’t made for the faint-hearted. An avid curious shopper who believes in trying almost every thing new in any store, mastered the art of retail therapy, she is one amazing soul.

So where does the goli soda fit in? I don’t quite find any goli sodas around in bangalore. That rugged green glass bottle is replaced by flavoured mojitos everywhere. I miss them the most. Tried my luck, but no goli soda found. Summers were a lot simpler back then with the rasnas  and ice popsicles that left behind a color on the tongue. Today while shopping, I was searching for some soda reminiscing how we never had to worry about our summer break because it was all taken care by simple rasna and goli soda.