Shama lama ding dong!

Hello world!

Hope you are doing great, it has been quite some some time we spoke. Must be wondering, shama lama ding dong? That’s a song I heard on the radio recently, sung by Otis Day and Knights.

It’s amazing what this city offers to you. It teaches you things like how a dad teaches you how to ride a bicycle. Over the weeks I’ve known what friendship means, how people change and how that change just makes you stronger. Being dependent is special but being independent is like, that lone sock lost somewhere, stinky, soft, protective and OUT standing! Amidst all this there are people so selfless who care not to leave that lonely sock in the bin and instead pair them up with another weird sock. These people form my strength, I never share these thoughts though. They are the salt and spice to my Thai red curry!

As dramatic as it sounds, you will encounter situations which will make your heart skip a beat for the person you adore. They dont show grand gestures or talk too much. They know you well and are always there when you need them. In fear, in despair, in pain, in suffering, and they are even there when your curry goes bad. In the middle of this shama lama ding dong they do a shoobie doobie doo and make you smile and sooth the pain away becoming your strength by just being there for you. Like how Batman shows Robin the right way by kicking him on the butt! I don’t know if you have met a guy like that. I have! Trust me on this, you cant find men like these in the elevators.. Try taking the stairs to find your strength. Until then… Sweet dreams.


Break a leg! 😉